Monday, 6 April 2015

Current GNS3 environment

I've been updating my GNS3 environment (I last posted about this back in August 2013) with some changes recently.  The new model (as of 6th April 2015) is updated to work in GNS3 1.3.0 below:

I added MPLS just under a couple of years ago (I started planning it in mid-2013 and implemented it late in the year), including an EoMPLS xconnect, as well as IPv6 multicast.  The recent changes however are:

  • Added the data centre network (being implemented at the moment) — interfacing to the backbone in the same way as a regular institutional network.
  • Added a second Janet connection (to be implemented soon, when the routers arrive!), with separate Janet router (janetw) and CUDN border router (enetw).  This involved adjusting the internal OSPF link costs and BGP advertisements.
  • Added the NAT service using a pair of IOS routers (instead of the real ASAs).
  • Expanded the Medical School network with a local, static router and added a directly-routed WBIC [Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre] host instead (which doesn't use the Medical School PoP connection, but this doesn't matter for the simulation).
  • Removed MRC CBSU [Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit] as they aren't doing anything particularly interesting any more (they were advertising a /23 we had to relay to Janet and expose and trim the AS path from, but we now do this for them; Engineering now do this, anyway).

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